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In 2015, Cloubuzz launch AutoExpert — AutoExpert is a car care service that brings the workshop to your doorstep. As one of the rare few door-to-door vehicle service companies, we work to maintain a benchmark with superior service and dedicated customer care.

Comprehensive app platform & Custom app development

Converged in one point

Leverage the paired power of our robust platform and decade-long development expertise to create a definitive application for your brand.

Discover the Features

Audience and Engagement

Location-based mobile Audience Building mobile Monetization mobile All the Content mobile Alerts & Notifications mobile

The Latest Tech

Augmented Reality

Add an additional layer to your business with AR, bringing new value and emotions to your users right on the screens of their mobile devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Seize the processing power of AI to streamline business operations, reduce costs, and reasonably simplify your business.

Virtual Reality

Add a new dimension to your business by creating unique VR experiences that will linger in your users’ memories for a long time.

Beacons & Sensors

Deploy smart devices to provide navigation, create contextual experiences, and gather data that will help you improve your operations.

App Management and Analytics

Content Management

Quickly load, manage, and store all your data in one clean, comprehensive, and intuitive CMS. Immediately preview your content in the dashboard or in a demo app.

All the Analytics

Easily access your business intelligence, analytics, and data reporting. See all actionable analytics in clean, elegant graphs that allow you to make dependable decisions.

Integrate Your Operations

Store your content in the cloud, increase engagement with your targeted and segmented programs, integrate social media, use your Amazon S3 credentials, and more.

Client Cases

Cloubuzz’s app development platform has helped Fortune 500 companies, established enterprises, and startups empower their brands with impactful mobile applications.

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